Good Morning All,
No workout for me today. I have off again today so it'll be errand day.

runner, Glad to see you back! Training for a marathon. Wow! good for you!!! How many marathons have you done (I think you've done them before)? Oh and -13, brrrrr, stay warm!!! It was 34 here yesterday and right now it's -4. A 40 degree drop in temp overnight...

Just out of curiousity, how long have you seasoned runners been running? Did you run back when you were younger too? I personally waited till after I was 40 to give it a shot. WileE, Wild, are you first time runners too?

Mama, If we would have had two feet of snow I would have waited for DH to get home and use the snow blower. No way I could shovel our approx 1400 sq foot drive way with that much snow. We probably should get a smaller blower that someone (me) who's just under 5'2" with short limbs can handle without having her arms way out and above her shoulders LOL. They build those damn things for men who are about 5'10 or taller with broad shoulders. Is the DH working on any particular project in the garage? Anything fun? Good luck with getting a run in today. I hope it not too cold out your way.

WileE, Oh no, did I mention we were old? No, No, No, I meant we're simply experienced. Getting better like a fine wine. I find speed to be harder to work on then distance. Do you find that to be true too? I'm trying to balance between working on both. Some days working on speed, others on distance. Do you run outside or on the treadmill usually?

Have a great day gals!
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