It's Oprah's real hair. In the past, she has shown her relaxed hair before Andre styles it. It's no way that was a weave. Her hair was huge and sticking up in multiple directions. She has lots of hair. However, it isn't as smooth as she wears it. Her hair is naturally kinky without a visible curl pattern.
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I agree.. I think it's just hard for some people to believe since so many black women are notorious for fake hair wearing. So when one doesn't.. it almost seems odd or unbelievable or should I say unbeweaveable! I mean heck you can barely name one famous black woman that doesn't use fake hair.

To me, it makes absolutely NO SENSE for Oprah to divulge some horrible things that happened to her including her own battles with weight, emotional issue, rape, molestation, promiscuity... and HIDE she wears fake hair at times.

I mean what does she REALLY have to lie about. She's not stupid.. she knows women wear weave all the time.. nothing for her to really be ashamed of... so I think she would just say it.

I remember when Ellen was one the show and Oprah TOLD her that she had a weave on and she got Andre to do it since Ellen had been going on and on about weaves before. They made a joke of it and stuck all kinds of crazy things in the weave and let Ellen take them out. It was to be funny.

Beyonce's hair looks pretty real in various styles (not all) .. but you can tell when she's wearing a lacefront, a weave, clip ins, or a phony pony if you know how those things are applied. I don't know I guess I don't see the big mystery with them.