Welcome back rc! I'm in awe at this marathon stuff...awesome

ty mc! I'm trying...hubby's off today, but will be running in a few to get my day going
I don't know how folks do it up north...hubby's old j-o-b was transferred to O-hi-o...I'm like, hell naw! lol

FTFE...great job jumping into this at 40 I ran lots in HS, so it's been at least 20 & I'm back in the game this year..ack! So, it feels like the first time! lol Oh, yes, I see...fine wine...mmm...love me some wine Yep, so true about the speed. I'm getting stuck, I think, maybe on watching my time a bit too much When I got back into running this year, I was mostly running at nite outside. Now, since the weather has changed it's been on a treadmill. I'm trying to stay mindful of what mc said about the difference. I don't want to be too sore come 1/17 when I do my 5k.

Y'all keep on keepin' on!