I went for speed on Wednesday so today I focused on distance Wed was 2.57 miles in 33 minutes. Today I wanted to go for 2.75 miles. I wound up at 3.0 miles. It took me 39 minutes, but I did it. Yeah me!!!

Granted I have today off again so I waited till mid morning and had a small breakfast so that may have made a difference. But it felt good to make it to 3 miles on graduation day. Specially since my longest run was 2.57 mile prior to that. Yeah me again!!! LOL

Next week I'll work on speed both days and I'll go back to distance the following week. My goal will be to get to 2.75 miles in 35 minutes or less by the end of next week. I'm looking forward to some step aerobics.

Have a good run Wile. Will it be outside since it'll be a day run? Oh that 5K is really coming up quickly. I bet your getting excited...

Mama Enjoy your rest day. You deserve it!

Off to clean the house.
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