lol Wile, I'm sure that if my family didn't live here in MN...I'd be little further south...the cold drives me bonkers. Not much I can do to control the weather, so I guess I just have control my bad attitude about it and take it for what it's worth. Good excuse to light lots of candles, wear warm cozy sweaters and drink lots of tea and hot cocoa AND wine

Nice job FT!! Really, you've made some wonderful gains in your running. I bet it feels great! You've got some great goals and are really knocking them out.

holding true to my word, no workout today. was tempted to zumba, but didn't
Type: 3a/3b, fine-medium
Cleanse: hg:whispering windz farm jar soaps,
Moisture/Co rinse: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Jessicurl's dt
Leave in: KCKT
Definition: kccc
Hold: rotating: gvp liquid scuplting gel
ACV rinse bi-weekly
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