I've waxed my arm hair (not even because I mind how it looks, I just...wanted to try. Don't ask. The smooth arm feeling was pretty great xD), and it really doesn't hurt much for me. And don't go thinking I'm one who doesn't mind pain, I quite dislike waxing legs, but arms? No problem. I guess the hair is much thinner. I also get little red dots and the like when I wax my legs, and ingrown hairs, but never any such issue on the arms. Anyways, I've only done it twice or so on one arm, and it looks identical to the other arm, so no thickening of the hair or anything like that. I know you said you're too scared to wax, but you should really try it if you mind the hair that badly, it's not as bad as a "regular" leg wax experience. Shaving? Stubble on arms is just the worst concept ever for me. Ew...
3a in Paris
I use:
Garnier Ultra Doux conditioners
High in glycerin conditioners
As much gel as possible
Testing out flax seed gel
Plopping, for around 30 minutes
Pixiecurl drying