Someone please help me, I used the Just for me Texture softener on my son who is mixed race. (White/black) He had very curly hair and I just wanted to make it soft and easy to manage. I did not know that it would take out all of his curles and leave it dry. What can I do to save his hair and get back his curles? Will his curles ever come back? Should I just shave his head now? Someone please help, I dont know what I'm doing.
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His curls will not come back. Only with new growth. So if shaving his head is something you want to do, go for it. That's the only way his curls are coming back. If you don't want to shave his head, make sure you keep his hair well moisturized. Try Giovanni Direct Leave-in, Mixed Chicks, Shea butter, etc...

I just made a post this month about the Just Say HELL NO Texture Softener. You can check it out if you want.

Good luck.

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