Has anyone had spotting/bleeding during pregnancy?

I'm 9 weeks pregnant and have had on and off spotting since about 7 weeks. Initially I had some bright red blood when I wiped and since then it's ranged from brown spotting to pink tinged discharge. I'll stop for a couple of days and then I'll have another couple of days of it.
I've been to the doctor 3 times in the past 2 weeks because of it and have had 2 ultrasounds which showed the baby measuring on schedule and with a good heartrate. They also found a small bleed behind the placenta (subchorionic bleed) which they think may be the cause of the bleeding. I've been told to take it easy and because my job involves a lot of time on my feet and heavy lifting, my doc pulled me out of work for 2 weeks to allow it to heal.
From what I've read on other pregnancy boards, it seems like spotting during pregnancy can be common
but because I had a loss in May I am so on edge and stressed out. I can't keep running to the doctors office every single time I spot so I'm just trying to hang in there and wait until my follow up appt, as long as it doesn't get worse, I'm assuming things are still status quo but it's so hard not to worry all the time.
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