Okay, so DEL was trying to get me to try CK. SO yesterday I did. It was such a bizarre experience. I should never use SLIP detangler from CHS again. Every time I use it my hair goes nearly straight. CK makes my hair stringy. I gave up trying to diffuse it last night, and figured I'd try plopping for a while (it was a mess!!). I finally realized about halfway through the night that my hair does not dry in a plop. So at 2 am I took it out. It dried by morning.

I have this weird puffball thing going on. I have a ton of volume, stringy waves, but no frizz. LOL.

All in all, it doesn't look as bad as I thought it was going to, but its not my fave. I'm digging the volume, but the plopping gave me enough wonky parts that I am not in love with the look right now.

And no, I don't know why that piece looks blonde. Its not. It is a little lighter, but its not blonde. hahaha.
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I really like the volume as well...and it seems to go all the way back (you know how sometimes just your very front hair get's volume and the minute you do a side view it's all over?)

I actually like it..true it's got a more wavy beachy look but I think it looks a lot better than what you've indicated!

And yeah for no frizz!!!! Maybe just switch it up a bit? You might be on to something with the CK!
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