Actually goobernut, I really like your hair in these pics! Curious, why did DEL mention CK to you? I'm wondering if it might be something I should try!

Isn't KY the poor curly's version of CK? If so, your pics just talked me into trying it!
2aFii, low porosity, protein!
Color treated (blonde, but darned grays!)
COwash: Suave, V05, Salon Care Honey Almond
CO: GVPCB, LVNPG, GFTN, HSH Pumpkin, Aura Cherry Almond Bark
DTs: Lustrasilk SM, GVPCB
PTs: Aphogee 2-step, ION Effective Care inbetween
LIs/Stylers: Any of my COs, FSG, EcoStyler Krystal, LOOC, shea butter to SOTC