bah, my friend didn't come this am so I did my tm solo. Had fun in belly dance as always, my instructor invited me to partake in a performance coming up in Feb. Not sure, it's the night before my half marathon so I'll have to play it by ear. Did about 50min belly dance and some speedwork on the treadmill, 3.0mi in 23:17min. I'd be thrilled if I could pull it off under 23, or maybe even 22:30

Nice job FT rockin your goal! You are making some really good improvements in speed, your body must be used to the workload now and thus taking to increased speed. Good for you!
Type: 3a/3b, fine-medium
Cleanse: hg:whispering windz farm jar soaps,
Moisture/Co rinse: GVP conditioning balm
DT: Jessicurl's dt
Leave in: KCKT
Definition: kccc
Hold: rotating: gvp liquid scuplting gel
ACV rinse bi-weekly
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