Thanks for the compliments everyone

Motley -- I KNOW what you mean about showering while child is sleeping -- its why I still shower at night and my kid is 5. It just became a habit. I probably won't shower in the mornings again until he's moved out hahahaha.

peaches -- DEL mentioned the CK, because in the general thread I was whining about my hair being frizzy and blaming it on the weather -- the dews are still mostly 60-70 here. she said that CK is the only thing that saved her last summer, and since our temps/weather are still summer like, I thought I'd give it a try. Now that I've been out and about, I can say the CK didn't work!!! It totally fell flat and frizzed up. It did help me realize that its the weather though, because I've been inside the air conditioning now for about 30 mins, and the frizz is already calmed down. Its like it totally melted away in the climate controlled indoors. No frizz inside and frizz outside definitely = weather frizzy and not dry and dehydrated frizzy. Though looking at it now, it looks good. I kinda like it. Its barely wavy, but has a little body. Not bad for the potential disaster I thought it was going to be hah! (though it did look really bad in the rearview mirror hehehe)

Alex -- I'm thinking of trying it under the CIAB hehehe. That has the potential to be very good, or very bad LOL! I'm also going to try CK without the Slip detangler. For whatever reason that stuff gives me the weirdest hair. I know what to use if I ever want to straighten it again though.
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