Hi all,
I'm new(ish) and thought I would say hi and share my pics...your collective curly hair is just so beautiful!

I had a particularly good hair day today, using KCKT followed by KCCC while my hair was soaking wet-- pretty, noodle-y ringlets. On other days, it's much closer to Shirley Temple ringlets (and I have the round, Shirley Temple cheeks to go with it...been getting comparisons my while life...)
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Sooooo shiny!
Type: 3a, f, ii/iii, medium porosity, sensitive to certain proteins
Styling: Co-wash, rinse with warm then cold water, scrunch gel into wet curls, gently blot curls with cloth diaper, air dry without disturbing, smooth strays down with gel
Color: Monthly cassia/henna/indigo on roots to disguise greys
Goals: BSL, chemically virgin hair - ACHIEVED!