For me, I'm always afraid my wavy hair will look messy, and that little voice in my head (thanks to my parents) will try and convince me to go brush my hair (and go straight, not brush and be curly).

A little frizz looks messier on me than a little crunch. The key words are "a little." I'm not going to use any product that gives me lots of frizz or crunch. But if the choices were a little of one or the other, I'd rather have a little crunch (like someone said, it can be scrunched out) for support like a underwire in a bra than a little frizz that makes it look like my hair is messy.

It's probably just my own self-perception that makes me weak, but that's where I stand.

bethanyrenee, I love the bohemian look with curls, and I'm a lot more forgiving with frizz on a curlier head than mine. I could see your point there.