This is what I bought today

EO Sweet Orange and Honey (thanks to alex for the heads up that this is actually different from the reg sweet orange) It has protein AND coconut oil!!

Chi Infra Red Gel (got this from Helloitsio -- just like Artec)

I almost ALMOST bought this little baggie of stuff from Terax. It was 12.99 and it had two of the small size terax crema, small miele shampoo, and a small lifedrops. I decided that since i have tried and don't like the terax crema -- why would I buy that bag? LOL. It is christmas!! I should be spending this money on other people!! so I put it back.

I did get this supercute green hat though! haha.
Originally Posted by goobernut

I have the CHI infra's pretty good. It has decent hold.
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