HWHC, I'd hardly consider myself to have been lurking in woodwork (I rarely post on the various hair boards anymore because I've finally figured out my hair, don't feel the need to try new products anymore, and subsequently don't really have much to contribute to most of the current discussions going on!), but I'll answer your question:

I know I personally have felt on more than one occasion, and not because of you in this thread or elsewhere in the forums, that if the CG routine didn't work for me, it was because I was either just doing it wrong or was unable to figure it out properly--that if I had just tried harder or done it *right,* it would have completely changed my hair for the better like it has done for many, many other people. I was just pointing out that the issues the OP was having maybe weren't with technique or product, and that it's perfectly okay if the CG ends up not being right for someone. Honestly, having seen the miracle that CG has worked for so many folks, I am jealous that my hair didn't respond similarly.
Hair type: Completely confused: mostly 3a, some 3b parts, and even 2 in places; very fine and thin.
Products: Elucence clarifying & MBC; CK, F/X Curl Booster Fixative Gel (when I can find it)