Could I be more annoyed? I don't think so. Someone I don't know very well (and don't like) came into my office (my back was turned) and started picking away at my curls! I was horrified and annoyed!!! It has taken me so long to be able to say I'm having a "good" hair day - and this annoying woman just comes in and starts touching my curls. I'm so pi$$ed. It would be different if it was a friend, but even my friends know not to touch these curls. I had to tell her to stop and say it would make my hair frizzy. Then she started asking what I use, didn't really listen, and started talking about her own, very uninteresting hair. JEEZ!!!!

Let's hear from you if you've had uninvited fingers in your hair......

Hair type 3A. Jessicurl is becoming my HG!

password: ginger