Ok so I've now started WO washing for the past 2 weeks, I've used no products, just water to cleanse my hair and scalp, I use a dollap size of mousse for styling my entire mane.

My curls have never looked better to be honest, their bouncy, the curls are tighter and has volume, my hair feels lighter! I wet my hair in lukewarm water, comb my hair with a wide tooth comb to comb out tangled hair, use a boar brisstle brush and massage my scalp and then slowly drag the sebum by brushing from my scalp along the hair shaft to the tips of my hair. It feels like a natural conditioner/moisturizer. Then I do a final rinse with cold water and apply mousse to my sopping wet hair and plop.

I guess I'm experiencing a transitioning period right now, my scalp doesn't smell of anything, nor is it greasy but the tips of my roots feels "waxy", I'm guessing this is the sebum, but all in all, my hair has looked great this past 2 weeks and I really want to stick WO out for as long as I can, however, I've read some bad things about WO

Apparently WO can clog up the cuticles and suffocate the hair strands resulting in hair loss and slowness in growth and also that WO doesn't cleanse the hair completely due to dust, dirt in the atmosphere and environment and that WO is an old fashioned method of "cleaning" from yesteryear that doesn't really work, kinda like using herbal medicine alternatives to treat illnesses or something, like they use to do in the olden days and some indigenous/third world cultures who live a basic lifestyle.

I really want WO to be a good method of washing the hair so bad but I don't want to loose hair

I have 3b/3c ish hair, so I feel like I really benefit from WO. But is it good for the hair or not?

Does spreading the sebum from the roots to the hair shaft and thouroughly washing with water only, really cleanses the scalp and hair?

Does WO/SO washing really work in the long term?

I really want it to? Is it realistic though?

Thanks in advance!