i am a sulfate user and proud of it!
cg didn't work for me. my hair worked okay with it when it was really dry and unhealthy, but once i cut off the dead stuff, my hair was limp lifeless and overconditioned. i tried it several times, with several different products. it just doesn't work for everyone, and i don't think you should feel bad if you want to use sulfates. go for it!
i personally love the elucence line. i wash my hair with their moisture balancing shampoo and once a month i use their clarifier because i have hard water. i love their conditioner too.
i still don't use products with cones, just because they're the ones that work for me right now.
my hair is very predictable and reliable now. where as, pre CG and on CG it was never consistent.
now? my hair and i get along great!
3A Once again on the quest for BSL healthy curly hair....