I use VO5 and Suave too! VO5 is a great way for me to co-wash the henna from my hair, and I love Suave Cocnut for my daily co-washing. I would be like a junkie going through withdrawl if they ever discontinued Suave Coconut! LOL I buy 3 bottles at a time and once I am down to a bottle and a half of Suave - I have to go get 3 more bottles - a shame...I know.
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+1...I use VO5 Blackberry Sage Tea Therapy to co-wash out my henna and it works wonderfully. When my hair was a bit shorter I used it daily as a co-wash. Now that my hair is longer, I prefer AO HSR.
I've never used Suave, but loads of curlies rave about the Naturals line.
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