hey all, i am a college student in NYC who has finally discovered the beauty of my natural curls this summer. after years of grief and frustration and total despise of my hair i did some research online and discovered the benefits of natural products for my hair. so, earlier this year i switched from using treseme poo & condish to Burt Bees poo & condish. i had my last relaxer(touchup) & trim in may.

However, Being so fed up with constant stress of heating n processing my hair,in the hot summer i finally embraced my curls and wore my hair out in its curly state, something i thougth i could never do. Now that i have overcome that obstacle i am seeking desperate help. this summer was honestly the first time myhair felt relatively healthy in years and i was relatively happy with it .now my mission is to achieve healthy happy manageable hair while natural or relaxed indefinitely.

unfortunatley as of late my hair has reverted to its horribly unhealthy state. I am at a lost on where to begin. Right now my hair is extremely dry and i seem to have alot of dandruff, and i havent established a hair care routine.

Please help i am desperate , i am so tempted to just relax my stress away but i know it really wont help. All ive been doin is wearing protective styles, but daily applying heat to my bangs. plz help my hair is experiencing a drought! what must i do to quench its thirst!?

i believe my hair is 3c/4a, very pourous and thick( i have a lot of hair). i have so many questions!!

i kno i must achieve balance blw protien and moisture but i think im lackin alot of moisture

so what is a good overall regimen to obtain that balance ?
Im trying to use only natural or relatively natural products on my hair, so any suggestions for daily moisturizer? should i have more then one shampoo/conditioner/moisturizer? how often should i dc?

any help would be greatly appreciated.

TIA , and sorry for such a long post