I am new to posting but wanted to share a recent experience with you. I was diagnosed with Celiac disease in May 2009. For those of you that don't know what Celiac is, it is basically an intolerance to gluten(wheat,barley,malt,etc) that has an autoimmune response in the body making the person very sick and often vitamin deficient.

Anyway, I have changed my diet completely (and my BF's unfortunatley for him) and am extremely careful of anything I eat and even put on my face and lips. However, I never really gave much thought to my hair products and had never had a reaction...until today

I used my Aubrey organics GPB conditioner this morning (have used it before with no prob) and about 20 minutes later broke out in intensely itchy "hives" on my elbows, knees, ears and scalp. I never thought to check my conditioners ingredients for gluten, but when I checked my AO, I discovered "wheat germ oil" was the second ingredient! VERY bad ingredient for celiacs!!

So long story short, I just wanted to share my experience with all of you, and if any of you have had a similar experience, please feel free to share
Modified CG- I low poo 1X/wk
3a/3b with a little 2a
thin, fine/normal, color treated with red highlights
Low poo:Back to basics blue lavendar
Cowash:Nature's gate Aloe, EO Lavendar aloe
rinse out: Kenra Color maintenance
Leave-in:KCKT, Nature's gate aloe or jojoba
Stylers:KCCC with BRHG, Aussie Aussome volume or HE Body envy or set it free
Finishing: GF curl shaping spray gel & a tiny bit of Tresemme hair spray (water soluble cone)

Hair hates: Glycerin, too much protein