Are you sure that gluten contact with the skin is the issue here? As far as I know, celiac disease is a contactdisease of the small intestine. Some celiacs can have skin symptoms, but this is all related to the small intestine.
It is also kind of unusual that gluten remain in oil. I would not advice to eat it, but I doubt GPB is that tasty... There should be very, very little gluten in the amount you would use (small amount of oil, small amount of gluten if any). "Gluten free" products can also contain small amounts of gluten, or at least in Europe that is the case (regulated by law). This is because lower doses don't create symptoms. I disagree with this law, though, because no symptoms =! no damage.
Finally, you never had a reaction to it before.

You might want to reconsider where your symptoms came from?! Since your immune system is also effected by the intestines, you are more sensitive to "real" allergies.

I might be dead wrong, this is just what I know of celiacs and I wanted to help
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