I hear you Draakje, and actually I always thought the same thing about gluten, which is why I didn't pay much attention to my hair products. But I called my Doctor this am after having the reaction, and she stated that what I had was a form of dermatitis associated with "contact with gluten". She also told me that whether we like it or not, we do somtimes injest our hair and body products (not on purpose, I hope, lol) so anything is really possible.

Not really sure if this morning was a result of injesting or just contact, but I definitely will not be using that conditioner again!
Modified CG- I low poo 1X/wk
3a/3b with a little 2a
thin, fine/normal, color treated with red highlights
Low poo:Back to basics blue lavendar
Cowash:Nature's gate Aloe, EO Lavendar aloe
rinse out: Kenra Color maintenance
Leave-in:KCKT, Nature's gate aloe or jojoba
Stylers:KCCC with BRHG, Aussie Aussome volume or HE Body envy or set it free
Finishing: GF curl shaping spray gel & a tiny bit of Tresemme hair spray (water soluble cone)

Hair hates: Glycerin, too much protein