Thanks oddityofwings, I may try that, but I'm a little scared The reaction this moring was awful, it felt like a combo of sunburn and poison ivy!

The official name by the way is called Dermatitis Herpetiformis and one of its trademarks I guess is that it tends to affect the knees and elbows and any other areas symetrically.

There is unfortunatley ALOT of misinformation about celiac and gluten, and as Draakje mentioned, misprinting of whether foods contain gluten. McDonalds for example had always claimed their fries were gluten free, then a few years ago they had to retract it and say "ooops it has gluten".

Anyway, some research suggests that Dermatitis Herpetiformis can be caused by touching gluten, and other research says in "rare cases" so maybe I am a rare case...

Thanks for letting me babble
Modified CG- I low poo 1X/wk
3a/3b with a little 2a
thin, fine/normal, color treated with red highlights
Low poo:Back to basics blue lavendar
Cowash:Nature's gate Aloe, EO Lavendar aloe
rinse out: Kenra Color maintenance
Leave-in:KCKT, Nature's gate aloe or jojoba
Stylers:KCCC with BRHG, Aussie Aussome volume or HE Body envy or set it free
Finishing: GF curl shaping spray gel & a tiny bit of Tresemme hair spray (water soluble cone)

Hair hates: Glycerin, too much protein