If you have a reaction from the product that says gluten free, and have a reaction you can sue the company. Your health is important, but unfortunately heared about some cases. My mom is in the health field and manage to diagnose me. Any site that is org, edu, or gov is a reliable site. I did a speech on gluten intolerance, and disease that are similar. You can find alot of accurate information. All about the reactions to gluten is new. Even doctors overlook possible reactions to gluten. It is hard to diagnose anything with gluten, because gluten is a hard substance to digest. You will win if you have enough prove. Anyways always read the box even if it says gluten free. I read that 80 % of patients with dermatitis herpetiformis also have gluten enteropathy, which is the most common type of coeliac disease. It is not similar to celiac disease because of the symptoms. They have two different symptoms. The symptoms of Dermatitis Herpetiformis may perceive have red bumps and blister. The symptoms of intense burning, stinging and itching cannot be overemphasized. It is common for DH lesions to be symmetrically distributed on the extensore surfaces of the body: over the elbow,knees, buttocks, scalp, posterior, neck, sacral (lower end of the spinal column) and shoulder areas. The face and facial hairline are occasionally affected. And rarely, the lesions occur within the mouth. Although its severity may vary, it persists indefinitely and is a lifelong condition. There are only a few patients in whom the disease remits for long periods of time. Sorry the post was so long, but hope it helps. Also it might not be Dermatitis Herpetiformis after talking to my mom.
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