Okay I know I said I'd be happy with only a 15 to 30 second improvement on my 2.75 mile distance, but I was hoping that 15 second improvement wasn't going to feel so hard. I had to really push. I used self talk, visualation techniques, and every trick in the book that I knew of to get through my 35 minutes of running. You could say I was running from the voice that kept telling me to stop. LOL Good news is I did 2.78 miles in 35 minutes (I hit 2.75 miles at 34:45).
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I know this is way late, but I don't remember reading this post earlier. So I just wanted to tell you that what you did was a-maz-ing! 15-30 seconds over 2.75 miles is a LOT of time actually, and the effort level it takes to speed up that much is significant. I am very impressed! The techniques you used to get through the run are great mental training techniques so you really did great. Truly girlfriend, pat yourself on the back for being so tough.
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