I was thinking about henna-ing my hair, and I'm getting a lot of links to hennaforhair, but (to save on shipping) I usually like to get my things in bulk, and Mothernature.com, where I buy my skincare things, has this brand and Light Mountain Natural.

Has anyone tried it? Is it good for hair? Should I just suck it up and get the more expensive brand?

Hope you can help!
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I've used Light Mountain Natural and I really like it. I like that the henna and indigo are in one mix so that I do not have to buy both and try to figure out how much of each to use. I have dark hair but use the henna to help cover a horrible salon error. I get it from a local health food coop and I found where you can also order it online. I think Whole Foods carries it as well.
I had no idea I could love it so much… Hair!
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