My hair is 3rd Cousin to Kunta-KINTE !!!


I received an invite from (((Ms. curlynikki)))..., sooo happy to be here, but I'm looking for a least one or two of my relatives. I need some SERIOUS help. LOL

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Welcome to the forum! There is a lot of debate over whether 4c hair exists. I see the argument for both sides. However I think whatever the hair type you are there is a lot of good advice here. Just peruse the threads, go to people's fotkis when they post them, and look at the people commenting in their albums/guestbooks. That's how I managed to find people with hair similar to mine. I'm a fellow West African and my fotki is open if you want to browse. You can also look through my fotki friends to see if anybody is 4b/4c. HHG!

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