Hi everyone... not sure I belong here, but I'd like to get back in shape. Long story short, I moved this time last year - including buying a house, finding a new job, getting engaged, etcetcetc. I totally lost focus on health and fitness goals and have gained some weight in the process. :/ I am trying to lose 20lbs or so before next fall, when we are planning to get married. I started doing - don't laugh - The Firm videos on Saturday. I've done these before and although they're kind of old school and goofy, I've done well with them in the past.

Anyway - I don't want to be an athlete or beat any records or anything, just want to get back in shape.

Here's my progress so far:
-55 minute workout vid. on Saturday
-45 minute fast paced walk today

I plan to do the workout vid. or other similar ones in the mornings before work. I might start out with every other day at first, but would like to do every day after getting back into the swing of it.
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