Good morning all, Today was a 43 minute run (3.27 miles). I reached my year end goal, so now I don't have to worry about my schedule screwing me up.

Aussie, Welcome aboard. You're a perfect candidate or this thread. So is anyone looking for motivation. We're at all different levels with different goals. I've done Firm workouts and while they're not my personal cup of tea, they are great workouts.

Wild, We can both start a "cloppers" club (that's sorta how I feel about my speed ). Honestly, I don't worry about my speed compared to anyone else, and you shouldn't either. I only compete with myself. Glad to hear you got a few runs in.

WileE, Woohoo! You are soooo ready for your race.

runner, I hear ya on the stretching/Yoga. I really need to incorporate it more. I felt great when I was stretching just for 15 minutes 3 days a week. It's just always my last priority. Too bad we can't all have Wild's dedication to Yoga. Congrats on your son's engagement to a future wonderful daughter in law.

Mama, Eat, drink, eat and drink some more that's what the holidays are for. I just wish they could stretch them out a bit more. Xmas and New Years being a week apart is always killer....
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