Hey everybody! Glad to see everyone still here — and welcome to Australia!

Wile, you're blowing me away here. Very inspiring. Not that long ago you and I were neck and neck, and so I'm thinking, "Well if she can do it …"

runner, I'm glad you're doing the yoga — it's very rewarding, and complements running nicely, I think. It's sooooo good for you, and once you get into it, you'll find your body craving it to release tension and get things "reset."

I've been running outside on the lunar landscape that is the Minneapolis streets and sidewalks. We had slushy, heavy snow on Christmas Eve and Day, which then sort of got rained on, became even slushier, then froze into this bumpy, lumpy mess. It's not even snow anymore, it's just ice now.

But my mom got me these for Christmas:

and they work splendidly. No slipping whatsoever. And the cold doesn't bother me at all, I get so hot when I exercise anyway. I don't even have any of that fancy pants specialized gear yet, I just wear layers. It was around 15 out when I was out there and I was fine.

20 minutes of yoga

Friday, Christmas Day
sledding with the kiddos [climbing a hillside with 2 feet of snow over and over again is a workout for sure]

30 minute run

25 minutes yoga

35 minute run

Keep it going!