MAR!!! You are so beautiful, your face is so pretty, I wonder what about you made them think you look like her? It could have been anything, but in anycase...I think she is unpretty in the face (too gaunt,lips too thin) but you are very pretty in the face. LOL, it's weird when someone compares you/someone to another person: at the park yesterday, there was this little boy who looked like an albino fat albert, little blonde afro,big juicy (i.e.grown man) lips,big butt, and a knot on the back of his how come his mom smiles and tells me "our boys look like they could pass for twins" hee! in this case, umm..gee, since they are both pretty fair/light skinned, surrrrrrrrrrrre they may as well be twins.

Love creates an "us" without destroying the "me"