I totally agree. I won't be returning either--I did tell her I wanted a CUT..what I really got was a trim..not a bad one but not really worth the $65 either IMHO. The styling..forget it..my hair requires a LOT more manipulation than a Deva cut will do..I'm just going to tell them next time flat out!

I did express I wanted more face framing layers as well.

I got a cut in November from Struttswife..but its not really realistic to think I can fly off to FL to get a cut. She did an excellent job! Now I feel like i KNOW what it should be like. AND she showed me how to do face framing layers myself which was cool (just up front). I just did my own again a couple of days ago..my problem is my back is overshooting the bottom ringlet's again. I do not think I can ever let my hair get longer..It turns very straight at the canopy and the longer my hair at my nape gets the more ringlet's it gets which bounce up..Its just a yuck look. Yuck.

My hair has already grown about 1/2 inch since my henna..and it is almost 2 months since my Struttscut so I am where you are..trying to figure it out!

I have no idea either. Hopefully someone will chime in.

Otherwise I'm going to go up to SF to get mine done from Bebe that Jillipoo and Gekko go to..she does a really good job.
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