Today was Cathe's MMA: Boxing with 1/2 lb gloves. Nice workout. Mostly upper body with a few lower body agility drills and then some tough core work at the end.

Mama, you are so adorable. In your case there's no need to compete with near perfection.

Wild, I've seen those at the grocery store for about $15. I wondered if they really worked. We have a steep driveway and I figured they might help from slipping down it when shoveling snow in icy conditions. I'll have to get some. Thanks!!

Aussie, I never felt silly doing the Firm workouts. They just never grabbed me and made me want to do them on a regular basis. They do have some newer workouts where the sets and outfits are up to date, if that's what makes you feel silly.

runner, How great that your DH is active with you.
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Mine are from just a few years ago, 2005 maybe? I just feel silly exercising in front of a video regardless of what's on it since I used to be a no nonsense runner type person. My SO is impressed with results (bigger feeling muscles) after the past few days though and says he wants to do it too. Hee! That will really make me laugh.

Did another hour-long exercise vid this morning. I felt really fatigued though and had a bit of trouble finishing some of the sets.

I think I will take a rest day tomorrow to let my body recoup a bit. Planning to walk a lot in DC though, so we'll call that my exercise for the day.
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