I was just in with Jennifer this afternoon, I had her cut off the last of my highlighting damage. That was a good 5 or 6 inches, on average, and she did a great job with it. So I don't think she's afraid to cut when needed.

I do know that she once told me that especially with new clients she'll be a little conservative where cutting is concerned unless they're very clear about exactly how much they want off. She said that's because so many have had bad experiences in the past with saying they want so much off and then getting SOOOOO much cut by the stylist, that she doesn't want to traumatize anyone. And I have found that I get a better result when I actually show a stylist where I want how much off, actually on my curls and relative to points on my body -- instead of saying it in inches, which can be relative in peoples' minds. (Which I think is another reason she's conservative with the cutting at first too.) I do that with Jennifer. Maybe that's one of the reasons she always cuts pretty much how much I tell her to.

Either way, though, I hope you find a cut you like. I have no idea if MaryAnne (sp?) is still at her old salon if you're still looking to try her too. I never got around to trying her and it's been a long time since I checked. Have you guys checked the Deva salon finder to see what salon she's listed at?
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