Little late to this party lol

I have MANY MANY books that were good read and I wasn't able to put down, here are a few:

-Meg Cabot- now I know she is a teenage writer, but her books are brilliant, fun reads- DONT bother with the princess diaries, but any of the others are great. Honestly. Well written chick flick romance- The Mediator series one of my favourites- about girl who can see ghosts and kicks their butts lol

-Philip Pullman- His Dark materials or Ruby in the smoke series- both very very good, but more intense, detailed stories. Dark Materials complete fantasy and some of the best fantasy books out there- follow Lyra and her demon through different worlds.

-The Book thief- great book took me a while to get going but totally worth it- very moving. Told in voice of the grim reaper, it follows the life of a german girl throughout the second world war.

-A series of unfortunate events- fun read, quite dark with great sense of humour- follow 3 orphans trying to escape the clutches of Count Olaf who is after their inheritance.

-Malorie Blackman- Naughts and Crosses- this is a really good book about racism, it is the story of a black girl and white boy best friends since they were young, trying to retain that friendship when everyone else is against them- what makes it so interesting is that Blackman has switched the concept of racism around- so black people are the higher society, rich and 'normal', whereas white people are the worthless 'race'.

-Garath Nix- Sabriel series- like Pullman this is really gripping intelligent fantasy series about magic and the control of the dead (makes it sound like zombie book but it isn't lol)

-Victoria Hanley- The seer and the sword- read this in a day, great fun adventure about kings/queens/romance/sword fighting/magic etc. Not a taxing read, just easy and enjoyable.

-Melissa Nathan- The Nanny- another good chick flick- one I read over and over and doesn't feel dry- like read it all before either (which I find many chick flicks do) - also check out her other books

-Sherryl Jordan-The Raging Quiet- set in medieval times, this is sort of like light reading chick flick but with something bit more I feel- about woman who befriends a deaf boy

-Michelle Magorian- Goodnight Mr Tom- wonderful classic book, but her others are also very good and easy reads. All set around 1940s- A Little Love song, is a romance, A cuckoo in a nest/spoonful of jam are set around the theatre (and made me want to work there!) and Back home is about an evacuee trying to adjust being back at home with family she barely knows.

Think Ill leave it there lol- I could go on. Not sure what kind of books you like so gave a mixture of genres Dont be out of by fact some are geared towards 'teenage' readers (if you are older) they are well written and gripping stories. I often find teenage fiction is some of the best out there.