Hello, I am currently transitioning. I had my last relaxer in april. I don't know what the hairdresser did but she took my hair out in the back and broke all my edges off. So I decided to go to a different hairdresser. I had seen this hairdressers page on facebook and I thought she did good work. When I got there she asked me what interested me in going natural. I didn't realize that was her speciality. I decided why not. My hair was shedding like crazy, I had just finished breastfeedding and my hormones were totally out of wack so we decided not to put a mild relaxer in my hair. My hair looked great at first but I couldn't afford the every two week visits so I got a lot of breakage. I tried keeping it braid but I got tired of that. I tried twists using kinky kurly and I got tired of that. Now I have a sew in and I am so tired of it. I have made my appointment for the big chop on January 14th. I'm really not ready to cut my hair off but I am frustrated with it. I know that my hair does not define me but I am nervous about having my hair cut so short. I have googled everything I can about short natural hair styles and I think I am ready. Any words of wisdom?