I went ahead and ordered the oil free serum. the shipping was 4.95 plus I used the discount code. so all in all a good deal. I'll give a review when I use it.
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Where the oil free serum on the website?

I agree about shipping. I have $38 in my shopping cart at Komaza. By the time they add tax (I'm in CA) and shipping it was going to be $54. Umm. No. 50% of my product price in shipping and tax? It was like $12 for shipping...you can ship priority to me for $6 tops (no flat rate needed). Instate rates are cheap. I just shipped 3 lbs to someone by L.A. and it was $5.81 total. So that $12? YES if it's going cross country in a flat rate..otherwise if you use paypal shipping its cheaper. If you go to the post office its way expensive.
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Done experimenting! Loving Spiral Solutions products!

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