Respecting what the other person does is important.

Beyond that, I think it depends on the people involved.

When I was in Pharmacy, I dated an Engineering student who always called down what I did and thought he was superior to me because of our chosen paths. Regardles of our other problems, that alone ensured we would never make it as a couple.

I think if you are too interested or are in the same field, it can be tough not to talk shop. T and I have the same degree but work in very different settings. I understand what he does, enough so to have a meaningful conversation with him about it. However, since I don't do the exact same thing, I'm not invested enough in it to interfere with having personal time. The same is true with T and my career.
Keep an open mind and an open heart. Don't take life too seriously - it doesn't last forever, you know. And may I remind you for the last time, keep your crayons sharp, keep your sticky tape untangled and always put the top back on your markers.