Hrmm...I have a couple thoughts. One, what is your hair length in the back? Is it all one length or is it cut into layers? If it is all one length, or very close to it, it might help "wake up" your waves a bit to take a bit of bulk out of the back with some light layering. It will also give your waves room to move and perk up. Two, are you diffusing? My hair is 3A and very fine, and I find that if I diffuse I get a LOT more curl and volume, as my hair can go limp verrrry quickly. If I leave it to air dry by the time it's dry the curls have relaxed to much...I have to flash dry it almost .

As far as the ringlets in the front go, a lot of us get our curliest hair around our temples and such because that is really the only hair on the head that had virtually no weight directly on top of it to weigh it down. Some are just more pronounced than others. But it makes all our curly heads unique.

Good luck!

3A fine, growing out from a mohawk
As of 1/07:
Top 7"
Sides 3.5"
JC Aloeba, TooShea (1x wk.), Cleansing Cream (1-2x wk.), RR, CCSS, Kenra Volume Spray, Joico JoiWhip
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