She is just adorable! Sometimes as new mothers we're just too tired to enjoy their cuteness!

Something I wished I learned with my first - it's really not worth it to 'force' them to do things in an attempt to form some structure.

I listened to everybody else with my first little cherub.
- didn't want her too 'used' to being held - didn't want her in the habit of being held or rocked to sleep - wanted her to learn to soothe herself, put herself to sleep - yadda, yadda, yadda -

When I had Bella, I just let her call the shots. If she wanted to be held all the time, I held her. If she wanted to nurse constantly, I let her. If she wanted to sleep, didn't want to sleep, wanted to sleep in her bed, in the swing, in my arms, whatever, I didn't schedule a thing. By the time Bailey was a couple of months old, I knew every nap/sleep schedule she had. With Bella, there was no set time when she would sleep. And I would just nurse her the second she woke up.

I was more rigid with Bailey, and she/it was definitely tougher on me. I don't know if it's nature or nurture, but I followed Bellas cues and wants for everything and she was the easiest baby ever. She just never cried.