If I have in any way contributed to making you feel like you didn't do things right, I'm sorry. The reason I am here is really to help other curlies since, like you, I figured out the needs of my hair long ago.

The reason I say that so often is because I KNOW (and you do too...) that there are lots of people trying to do the routine just from bits and pieces they catch in the forums or hearsay from friends/acquaintances but have not read the book so they only have part of the "picture". I have witnessed several times people succeeding maybe on their 3rd or 4th try, so obviously something was not quite right the previous times.

However, those that have read the book and have tried their best but feel the whole routine is not for them don't need to feel bad about it. As many of us have said before, even if one continues to use shampoo, if one only learns to choose better ingredients and/or use shampoo less often, and if one benefits from the other advice for gentler handling of our curls it is much better than what most of us did before, that's really what matters after all.
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