I never really liked co-washing so I started water washing. I like the volume and curl I get but even though I massage my scalp it never felt quite right. Now, I massage my scalp with good conditioner, rinse and then wipe with a washcloth 30X on each side and rinse again. This way my scalp feels clean but my hair feels water-washed and not over-conditioned. I still cleanse my hair 1X week with castile soap, shampoo bar or Morrocco Method Shampoo.
Type: 3a, fine, thin, low porosity Water/Climate: soft/ marine Washes: water w/washcloth, shikakai, clay Condition: Style:Seamollient, CurlsPFCCP, Miracurl, Gel-les'c, CK; rudeechick's super soaker method; blot, air dry 30 min; diffuse