My hair is curliest right by my face too. It's shorther there and angled to frame my face so kinda no wonder
I have some spots that are sometimes not as curly and here's what helps..........
I use recoil all over my head and those wavy parts especially.
Make sure you get your leave in conditioner on those parts (sometimes parts I used to go light on the conditioner would be less curly) and make sure you get your gel on their real well too.
I keep my hair well hydrated. Well conditioned with a conditioner my hair loves makes for ringlets on me.
I scrunch that part after I put conditioner in in the shower, then after I put product in I scrunch well there. It brings the curl back that my shower head seems to pummel out of shape.
I use a diffuser on low air flow but high heat to dry the hair before the water weight pulls some of the curl out.
I also scrunch my hair in the beginning of the drying process.
If I use a stiff gel I actually scrunch when the gel hardens so the hair can continue to spiral around (if you get frizz from this I'd skip it but I don't get a lot of frizz)

I'm sure I've forgotten something but that's what I do
Once a week is good and doable or twice a week if you need it to get out that A cone. I use that cone too with no problems.
Body Envy is good for holding the hair in place and keeping your curls put. I like Batia and Aleeza (sold here at curlmart) it's really nice for a natural feel with good hold.
Good Luck! HTH
Low porosity, medium texture.

If it smells good put it in your hair, if it tastes good spit it out!