This isn't something I'd do anytime soon - I'll have to give it a lot of thought, and I have other priorities right now - but, I've been considering it for the future. I've always thought my name is too little-girly, and it doesn't really suit me. I have the Irish heritage, but no red hair and freckles. I've been thinking about Margaret. It's very sophisticated, and I love traditional names. It's also kind of like McKenzie. Yes, it's an "old lady" name, but I know a few younger Margarets. I don't think it will come back in style anytime soon, though, so we won't have a ton of little Margarets running around. What I wouldn't like is the nicknames people would try to give me. I've been trying to get away from Kenzie now that I'm older, but it's difficult.

You have to pay $200 and have the change posted in the local paper. Being in a small town, I wouldn't like that because so many people know me and would ask all kinds of questions. If I moved back to the city, though, which I may eventually do, nobody would care.

Have you ever thought about changing your name, and why would you do it?