I voted yes, but that was because I feel the same way as goldilocks and mephisto. It's very important for SO's to be able to share with each other. I do ask my husband EVERY day how his day was. We do work for the same company, but as someone said I'm barely interested in my own job. I do it because he enjoys talking about his job, which he actually likes.
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I see that as being interested in one's SO, not their work. Btu that's just semantics.
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I do want to add that I would care if; as someone said, his job was morally reprehensible or something I can't respect. For example, I could not be married to Mark Geragos. He represents people I find dispicable. UGH! I'm glad Mikey dumped his @$$!

Meph, at the very least she could have pretended to listen. It's not the game that's important, you are. I think she forgot that for a second. I hate football but I always listen to how exciting seeing "the big game" in person was. When so and so scored a field goal with two seconds remaining and whatnot.

Thankfully, we no longer have an NFL team in LA. :dance:dance.gif If my next SO is not a soccer or hockey fan, I'll do well because I actually like baseball and basketball. I might even be able to make a comment or two.
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