sort of. I decided at one point during college that I was gogin to go by my middle name becuae I HAD it but it never got any use. Over the summer break I was working with MDPRIG (Maryland Public Interest Research Group) in one of those low-paying college student crappy jobs and I decided I'd go by the middle name. It was so weird, People woudl call me and I wouldn't react, then i'd realize they were talking to me! Or I'd be annoyed thinkg "Stop calling me that!" It was weire dbeing addressed by a differnt name. so when I quit the job I quit the name as well. But somewhere out there there is a small group of people who know me only as X.

As A kid I love, love, loved the name Anastasia and wished really hard that it was my name. but I got over it my real name has a cute shortened form that I prefer so and it's not very common and I like that.
Sorry to ramble, just chiming in with my experiences. take fro mit what you will. by the way I think McKenzie is an awesome name. unique yet not crazy.
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