I thought about changing my name. In the 70s there was a "Say It Loud, I'm Black & I'm Proud" movement and parents gave their children muslim names because of a lot of Africans were muslim. But of course I have an English last name. I thought about changing my name because I thought white Americans didn't know about that movement and would think my name is unusual and difficult to pronounce. It is a rather common Muslim name. In school, several other people had the same name. Two of my girlfriends have that same name and my old roommate's friend had that same name. So although it may seem foreign to white Americans it is a very common name among blacks. But then I realized that if I stand out as a person, they will remember my name.

The writer Zadie Smith changed her name from Sadie when she was a teenager.

I know someone with an 80s black name, who has changed her first name to her last name, Jackson and uses her married name as her last. There have been studies that show if you have a stereotypical black name on a resume', your more likely to get passed up for an interview because they assume your black and an unsuitable candidate.
4b is me