I'm with the ones with a little forehead. I've got a low hairline, but with a widow's peak and a HUGE cowlick. Actually, I don't think I could do bangs, no matter what, cause it makes my forehead look like it's nonexsistent. I've got a little chin, too, which has always annoyed me - to this day, I don't care at all for my profile. My eyes (especially when I do my makeup a certain way and wear my contacts) tend to look like they take up most of my face.
My younger sister is the one with the bigger features. She's CONSTANTLY complaining about her "big" nose and "big" forehead and "big" chin - mind you she's also 15 and generally insecure. However, I must say I LOVE photographing her profile - it's perfectly balanced.
"A face without freckles is like a night without stars"